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Maximize Success with the Customer Portal

Your Job Made Easier

Sun Valley Supply is proud to offer quality products and exceptional service to construction professionals in Arizona. In fact, everything we do is designed to help customers across the southwest region make the most of their business.

One prime example – our Customer Portal e-commerce website provides 24/7 online service and access to a wealth of information and valuable functions.

Save Time & Resources with Our Customer Portal

Our e-commerce platform gives Sun Valley customers with credit accounts numerous tools to perform vital business functions with even more efficiency.

  • Pay Bills via ACH
  • Check Inventory
  • Place Orders Online
  • Get Delivery Notifications
  • See Invoices
  • Quote Requests
  • Review Shipments
  • Manage Employees & Permissions

And That’s Just the Beginning.

Sun Valley Supply understands that innovation is what keeps us, and our customers, moving forward. Our Customer Portal is full of helpful business optimization features.

  • Order History – view current and past orders by name, invoice number, PO, date, and more.
  • Locations – view active and past jobs or “Ship To” destinations.
  • Invoice Management – open or pay invoices by the due date, PO number, pay period, discount expiration, name, or location.
  • Product List Creation – quickly reorder your most frequently purchased items, in just a few easy clicks.
  • Quote Tracking – sort and filter quotes by job name or status (requested, open, pending, won).
  • Proof of Delivery Images – see photos of actual deliveries and placement of products at your job sites.

The Customer Portal gives you a single online source for all this and more - anytime, anywhere. From your smartphone to your desktop, it’s all available at any time.

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About Sun Valley Supply

Sun Valley Supply provides the highest quality building products to residential and commercial customers from our construction yards across Arizona (Dewey, Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson). As a proud member of the GMS family of companies, and in partnership with the top brands in the industry, Sun Valley Supply offers exceptional construction products and building materials, from drywall and steel to insulation, acoustical tiles, and more.

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